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I'm a ranch wife of 27 years and loving every day. We have three grown sons and have one son home to continue our ranching heritage. My husbands family has owned this ground for over 62 years and my family has been in ranching for over 70 years. I love my heritage in ranching and the strong Christian values I have been raised with and have passed to our sons. ENJOY!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Long Hours

I live the best life!!

Yes - I took this on our ranch and that's my son who has grown up working with us and has come back to join us in out ranching business!  We were up before dawn and out of the house this morning to gather yearlings (year old cattle) to sell at market.  Although I know I live the best life - it is NOT an easy life but one I love.  Most of the greater populous of America would not work as hard or put in the hours that we do on a ranch.  And yet we LOVE IT!!!!  14 to 16 hour days are pretty normal this time of year and all through the summer months.  I'm not complaining or whining, it's just that there is work that must be finished.
     This week I watched as a comedian made a mockery of our legislative process.  Because of  Rep. Zoe Lofgren's (democrat) invitation, I watched in horror as our country's legislative process was turned into a side show.  Stephen Colbert (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_Colbert) had spent one day working with illegal immigrants to pick a field;  that made him an expect witness to the enormous problem of illegal immigration.   GIVE ME A BREAK!!!  Many would argue that any press is good press.  I completely disagree!! This was all bad press for agriculture.  The underlying tone represented here is that the farmer, who works the land, doesn't understand the severity of the issue of immigration.  The farmer, who has hired the immigrants, doesn't grasp the type of hard labor that is being done.  The arrogance of the current administration is mind boggling!!!  Because I chose to own my own business and dictate my own time and work with my family - somehow that makes me less educated that the idiot who asked this man to testify.  This was a political ploy to gain press time and unfortunately it has worked.  It has taken our eye off the main goal - what can we do about immigration.  In the Bible, in Proverbs 18:2 it says - "A fool finds no pleasure in understanding, but delights in airing his own opinions."  Colbert doesn't understand the problem, he was just airing his opinion which is worth absolutely nothing because he has no experience to draw his conclusions from.  One day does not make anyone an expect.  There isn't an American citizen that would want to work as hard as illegals unless the pay is increased.  And yet those same Americans want to keep their food costs at the current levels or lower.  If you ask the illegals to leave  - you will pay more for food in the grocery store.  It's that simple.  This problem has so many different issues...it will be extremely difficult to make progress.  But we must!!  Any idiot can make a statement or spew his opinion.  That was proven in Congress.

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