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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Enjoy the Privilege of VOTING

I posted this at  http://ranchwife4life.boxoquarterhorses.com/ which I'm thinking I'll double post til you all move over to that site.  Hope you get to go vote on TUESDAY!!!!!

I have been impressed in the past couple days of the privilege it is to vote. Men & women of our armed forces have fought and died for our privilege to vote. Because we have become somewhat complacent in our political endeavors or perhaps we have just become sick of the way politics are running, we don't exercise this tremendous honor of voting. No matter what your position may be, our right to vote should not be neglected. It is one of the basic reasons our country is so great. I encourage you to exercise this honor and go to your local polling place on Tuesday or vote early at your county office. I am reposting an article I wrote earlier this month on the candidates. I've also found two more resources for Republican voters to get information on the candidates.  The Voter Information site may have information on judges which is very hard to find!!
Please go and enjoy this honor of VOTING!!!
I got asked the other day if there was anyone of importance running this off season election. Actually it happened twice in one week. Because we are in a remote area and all have dish tv or direct, we don’t get much local news. So I thought I would compile a few people and their web sites that I know we will be seeing on the ballot this November 2nd. This applies to Nebraska and mostly to the western half of Nebraska. :)
This is a link at the Secretary of State site of all elelctions across the state. Doesn’t list the county elelctions. http://www.sos.ne.gov/elec/2010/pdf/general%20election%20list.pdf
1. Governor Dave Heineman – yep there is an on-going governors’ race but we don’t hear much about it. Governor Heineman
2. Representative Adrian Smith – there will be three candidates on the ticket. The democrat running is a very very lift wing liberal, very bad for Nebraska. There is an independent on the ticket who petitioned to be on the ballot, Dan Hill. He has been a life long republican. My concern is splitting the republican vote which could allow the democrat a win. Here are Adrian’s & Dan’s web sites. Adrian Smith Dan Hill
3. Secretary of State John Gale - http://www.facebook.com/pages/John-Gale/86779768800
4. State Treasurer Don Stenburg - http://ontheissues.org/Senate/Don_Stenberg.htm
5. State Attorney General Jon Bruning - http://jonbruning.com/index.php?PID=1&TYPE=HOME
6. State Auditor Mike Foley - http://www.auditors.state.ne.us/
7. State Board of Education – Cindi Allen – This is one those of little known about positions that has such a large impact on state education. Cindi is a Republican, Conservative, LEAD Alum that we are backing. She is doing a great job but is not endorsed by the union, (which in our opinion is good) She will be representing 35 counties across the western part of our state. Cindi Allen If you know of people or friends in the east part of the state (North Omaha-Spencer) John Sieler John Sieler
8. Regents – Bob Phares - http://www.northplattebulletin.com/index.asp?show=news&action=readStory&storyID=18107&pageID=3&sectionID=3
Frank B. Svoboda - http://www.svobodaforregent.org/
Upper Niobrara White Natural Resources District
District: 01
Jim Irwin 2380 CR 59, Alliance, NE 69301
District: 02
Curtis Roth 6072 – 270th, Gordon, NE 69343
District: 03
David E. Kadlecek 6473 – 440th Lane, Hay Springs, NE 69374
District: 04
Tod M. Dorshorst 4745 – 410th Ln, Hay Springs, NE 69347
District: 05
James Lees 106 Haynes Rd, Whitney, NE 69367
District: AL
Steven M. Sandberg 4473 – 470 Ln, Hay Springs, NE 69347
Northwest Rural Public Power District
District: 01
No filing
District: 02
Bruce Troester 3143 River Rd, Marsland, NE 69354
District: 03
Michael Van Buskirk 4597 – 420 Rd, Hay Springs, NE 69347
Marjean Terrell 4412 – 436 Trl, Hay Springs, NE 69347
Educational Service Unit No.13
District: 01
Patricia K. Dobry 1011 Sweetwater Ave., Alliance, NE 69301
District: 03
Rosalene B. Tollman 211 Squaw Mound Road, Marsland, NE 69354
District: 05
Mark Sinner 180076 Nash Drive, Scottsbluff, NE 69361
District: 07
William D. Knapper 2002 E 32nd, Scottsbluff, NE 69361
District: 09
Marilyn Wimmer 635 – 2nd Ave, Bayard, NE 69334
District: 11
Donald Egging 2382 Maple St, Sidney, NE 69162
There are school board positions and county positions that I don’t have at this time. I will try to add to this post when I find out about those. Hope this helps you all out!!!

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