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I'm a ranch wife of 27 years and loving every day. We have three grown sons and have one son home to continue our ranching heritage. My husbands family has owned this ground for over 62 years and my family has been in ranching for over 70 years. I love my heritage in ranching and the strong Christian values I have been raised with and have passed to our sons. ENJOY!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ranchers Snow Day

Today, (being the day to start a blog), I'm literally watching myself get snowed in, hoping that this snow system will move out as quickly as it moved in. Electricity blip took out our DISH receiver last night and 'thank heavens' I still have internet or I'd play the piano all day - Makes for a sore hand! :) Snow Days for ranchers really don't exist - they just don't have the same 'fun' aspects that most everyone else enjoys when someone says SNOW DAY! Ranching in this weather adds tremendously to the challenges of caring for livestock. Being able to provide cattle with wind protection with our Sand hills and giving them enough hay to fuel themselves to stay warm is a ongoing task and challenge. Today has been harder because my hubby is gone and my son and I are holding down the fort. Feeding was done early and everything had fresh warm hay to eat and bed down in. Tonight I am on the internet watching road conditions guiding him home thru wind and snow, well normal winter driving conditions. I think about how easy our life has become with the internet to help us along the way. Kinda like God, I think. If we'd realize that He is there, waiting for us to use Him or access His wisdom, things would go much smoother. By placing our lives under His direction, we can reduce our worry a bunch (notice I didn't say 'get rid of it' cuz that's not reality :) From Our Daily Bread, Jan. 2nd, 2010 - Scottish mathematician, theologian, and preacher Thomas Chalmers (1780-1847) wrote:"When I walk by the wayside He is along with me. When I enter into company, amid all my forgetfulness of Him, He never forgets me...Go where I will, He tends me, and watches me, and cares for me."

One more thought and then back to searching for road conditions.... Why do we try to go life alone - we have access to GOD!! "I am with you and will keep you wherever you go" (Gen. 28:15) - "I will never leave you nor forsake you" (Heb. 13:5)

Well suppose this is a start - like I said a rancher snow day isn't the same as everyone else's - I've had a bunch of time to think today - watching the snow and wind out my window....




  1. Very nice. I think you can touch alot of people! Keep it up, you have alot to offer the world.

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