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I'm a ranch wife of 27 years and loving every day. We have three grown sons and have one son home to continue our ranching heritage. My husbands family has owned this ground for over 62 years and my family has been in ranching for over 70 years. I love my heritage in ranching and the strong Christian values I have been raised with and have passed to our sons. ENJOY!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sunshine & Encouragement

The sunshine out today was really just a tease - although it looked like it could provide some warmth, the breeze off the Arctic ice cap took all the warmth away.  I left late this morning to move the entire cow herd by myself, pretty large task if I say so myself.  I had to ride to the other pasture and shut and open gates so the cattle would stay where I put them .  I was thinking that the horse's hooves sounded like I was trotting on asphalt or a highway.  The click and clatter from the ice made me very aware of how slick and precarious our footing would be today.  Now I don't come up with very many thoughts when long trotting across the pasture in a hurry.  I knew I had to hustle to get back and be the cook!!  However, when I topped the crest of the hill and saw all the cows in the meadow I had to have a picture.  As I got closer to the gate I  snapped another shot as I was thinking how I would get them all to move.

I know for a fact that a cow will follow another cow just about any where if the both of them feel they are making an escape or just sneaking away.  So I chose 4 cows that where relatively close to the gate and started to shoo them toward the proposed 'escape hatch'.  It took a little while to get them to move on the ice and then actually look to see that the gate was open.  Once they did - Katy bar the door cuz they started thru and then told all the other cows they'd found a hole!!  Now that brings us to a cow's verbiage.  Now I know most people would never think that a cow has different 'moos' but there are distinct sounds she can make in regards to various situations.  A mother cow coos at her baby calf, some may even say she would 'low' at her baby.  It's a much different sound than a 'bawl'.  A bawl is pretty close to a whine if you ask me.  The cows in the back of the herd bawled because they wanted fresh hay and didn't want to walk anywhere for grass.  However, when the cows found the open gate, they mooed.  It's a simple call but not actually a whine.  More informational - "hey ladies - look what I found"!!!!  Not to be confused with a 'bellar'.  When you hear a bellar you'd best be looking to see what's wrong.  A cow bellars when she's lost her calf or is calling from a hill or the middle of the group.  It's loud and long and takes a bunch of air.  A bellar at it's worst is when a cow is mad or challenged, then you'd better have a fence to crawl or just get out of her way.  Anyway - it's hilarious to ride into a herd and open a gate and listen to the conversation.  "Harrrrieeetttt - did you hear?  the gates open"....  pretty soon every one had seen cows moving toward the gate and they started making their way towards the 'escape hatch'.
Now I know this sounds pretty silly... kinda think so myself - but I know that cows watch to see what the others are doing and then 'talk' about it.  I sure made my job much easier to have pushed the first four cows out the gate and then let the others find the 'hole'.

Kinda reminds me of church people - we like to talk - we watch to see what others are doing and then we talk about it.  Well, maybe the last part is something we should work on.  Just talking about someone's problems doesn't encourage them at all.  We've been admonished to encourage those around us.   A Christian's joy is something they should be able to share freely cuz it is replenished by the Father Himself and will never run dry.  Was reading my 'Our Daily Bread' last night and found this - 'Jesus promised His disciples on the night Judas betrayed Him, "Your joy no one will take from you" (John 16:22). Remember that joy is the fruit of the indwelling Holy Spirit (Gal 5:22) Let's ask the Lord to help us look beyond our sorrowful circumstances and encourage our hearts by the vision of joy that awaits us (Heb. 12:2)'
Our joy can not be taken cuz it's in our hearts - heaven awaits us - actually 'here' is not our home :) just thought it was another encouragement....

til later - or I stuck thinikng somewhere.....  :)


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